VietJet Bikini Airlines Set to Create Vietnam’s First Self Made Female Billionaire

Who knew bikini clad stewardess would be such a lucrative idea!

VietJet Bikini Airlines Set to Create Vietnam’s First Self Made Female Billionaire

Vietnamese business woman, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, is very close to becoming Vietnam’s very first self made female billionaire!  All thanks to her brilliant idea of staffing VietJet with beautiful stewardess wearing nothing but bikinis!

Some of VietJet’s beautiful stewardess at your service

 Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao own 95% of VietJet.  With such a large stake in the company, she will soon be Southeast Asia’s first self made female billionaire.

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, VietJet Aviation CEO. Source: VietJet Aviation JSC

VietJet is Vietnam’s only privately own airline, and VietJet is planning to go public soon.  With the initial public offering for VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Co., Thao is poised to be about $1.37 billion richer thanks to her owning 95% of the company!

Thao did state, stewardess do have the option of either wearing a bikini or wearing the traditional ao dai

VietJet also uses their stewardess as calendar girls!

Because of VietJet’s bikini-clad stewardess idea, VietJet has been able to grab more than 30% of the industry’s market and it is only growing with each passing day!  VietJet wouldn’t be surprise if it catches up to one of it’s biggest competitors, Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam’s national airline carrier.  IF this should happen VietJet planes on adding more flights.

With the rising market share holding that VietJet was able to grasp.  VietJet will soon have to add more flights!

Thao is not phased if the airline get’s associated with the bikini clad image.  As long as her customers are happy, Thao is happy!

VietJet has grown in popularity, thanks to their young attractive stewardess who work in bikinis for their inaugural flights to their beach locations.  As well as their calendars that have the stewardess in the same outfits.  According to Thao, by wearing the bikinis, stewardess are displaying empoering female images in a conservative country.


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