TV Anchor Mistakenly Ruins Martial Arts Master Demo

This is why you don’t let anyone touch your props!

TV Anchor Mistakenly Ruins  Martial Arts Master Demo


Nothing ruins a trick better, than when someone shows their views just how easy it is for someone to perform the same task as the “master”!  This TV anchor, made the mistake of touching one of the props of the martial arts master, during his demonstration.

Bruce Silva, Shaolin Kung-Fu Grandmaster, was speaking with a TV anchor explaining how each brick weighs just a little over 22lbs and that he is able to break the brick with a glass cup, without breaking the glass in the process.

An amazing feat you definitely need to watch below!  But then the TV anchor decides to get in on the action and this is when things go bad for grandmaster Bruce Silva.  Peep the video below, and watch the disaster in all it’s glory!



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