Rio Olympics Commentators Caught On Live TV Caressing

Nothing like trying to get freaky while the camera is rolling!

Rio Olympics Commentators Caught On Live TV Caressing

The Olympics swimming pool is burning with the hotness and it has nothing to do with the heat over there. The whole credit goes to former Olympian and double gold medalist Rebecca Adlington. Though it is a big story that Syria won the first race but after reading this, you will find that Rebecca carries an even bigger story than Syria.

Here’s what Rebecca was found doing with co-anchor Mark Foster live on BBC television during their Olympic broadcast!

Olympian and swimmer Rebecca Adlington was caught fondling and flirting with co-host Mark Foster.


She was found getting frisky by keeping her hands on Foster’s leg under the table.  and look at where she placed her hand!


This happened live, when Rebecca and Mark were together commentating the Olympics on BBC television.


Though Rebecca tried to be subtle with her gesture of affection, but you know the camera catches everything.


This incident has surely made people question about the two and what might be going on.


People took to the Internet to share their feelings on the way Rebecca and Mark were acting towards each other!


Whatever it is, it is highly unprofessional!

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