Guy Bets His Bud That He Can Get A Dirty Snap From His Mom

What would you do if your mom got Snapchat

Guy Bets His Bud That He Can Get A Dirty Snap From His Mom

If someone would have told me this, I wouldn’t have believed them!   Who would let their parent get Snapchat?!  Why would your parent have a snapchat?  At a wedding this weekend, sure enough, a guy was getting Snapchats from another friend’s Mom…

And not just harmless cute snaps shared on her story. These guys took it to another level. The friend in question said “My friends Mom came up, partied with us a few times and kept hitting me up after she left. A few guys believed me but it wasn’t until Johnny said I couldn’t get his Mom in a million years to piss me off enough to do it.”


“At first, I was going to get $500 bucks or 2 months of free rent if I could get his Mom to send me a nude pic. We ended up deciding I got the bigger room WHEN i got it. I would have done it for fucking free”

This guy even pulled a Babe Ruth. He called his shot the entire time on Twitter.




I was also thinking about calling him the MILF HUNTER.


And would you believe it!!  All it took was a couple of days and this guy was able to get a dirty snap from his friend’s mom! WTF! Don’t believe just take a look on the next page!