Sometimes When Ish Happens There Is No Escape… (44 pics)

There are just somethings in live you can’t escape. Ish happens!

Sometimes When Ish Happens There Is No Escape… (44 pics)

No matter how hard you try, to make sure everything goes as planned.  But no matter how are you try to plan for every scenario possible, there are just some things that are beyond your control.  Some times ish happens, and there is no escaping it!

1.Some times your swing may just be as bad as your breast stroke.  Good luck getting that out!


2. I don’t even know how they were able to spot that cart, it was camouflaged so well!


3. There is always that one asshole who doesn’t like to join in on the fun!


4.Who ever wrote this is definitely speaking some truth!


5. That’s definitely the best place to hold your jet ski, when you aren’t riding it!


6. I’m sure that’s not the only problem Oklahoma has, but whatever….


7. When so much ish happens.  You can start writing books about it!


8. Doesn’t look like they will be going anywhere anytime soon!


9. Awwww!  How romantic…oh. Sorry.


10. When life is telling you to just give up!