Biker’s Gopro Catches Crashing Head On Into A Bear

What would you do if you crashed into a bear while riding your bike?

 Biker’s Gopro Catches Crashing Head On Into A Bear

“WHAT THE F*CK!” This is crazy. From this dude’s Gopro video, he was flying down the bike trail!

While cruising down the Mills Peak trail near Lake Tahoe in California on Tuesday on his bike, rider Davis Souza’s bike crossed paths right into a bear.

Good thing for David Souza, he was wearing a helmet cam, that captured the whole thing.  It all happens so quick, that if they didn’t slow the video down, you wouldn’t even notice the bear.  Watching the full speed video of the clip, it looks like David’s bike trip over a rock or something.


Here is the bear crossing paths with David’s bike.  Then without warning, BAM!


The bear actually gets launched. I think it did a full front flip while Aaron thinks it was more of a 180.


As he looks back up the trail, grunting, the bear is nowhere to be seen. His friends then catch up to him.

“That was a bear,” Souza tells them.

I can’t help, but feel a little bad for the bear, because, it clearly looks like a baby bear.  Not a full grown bear.  I’m glad David wasn’t hurt and I hope the bear was hurt either.

Here is the full video from his Instagram.