Man Arrested After Failing To Assassinate Donald Trump

Man Arrested After Failing To Assassinate Donald Trump

It seems like for many, they have reached a boiling point with this election. A British man, yes a British man, told investigators he wanted to kill Donald Trump.  After being arrested at a Donald Trump campaign rally.

while meeting Mr. Trump, the gentleman reached for an officer’s holstered gun. When asked why he had tried to grab the weapon from the officer, the man simple replied: “To shoot and kill Trump.”

Michael Sandford, 20, was arrested at the Trump rally in Las Vegas casino.

Police have now revealed the first words of Michael Sanford, who’s been accused of trying to murder the Republican candidate. After in police custody, Michael’s first words to officers were: “If he were on the street tomorrow, he would try this again”.


Michael went on to tell police he had been plotting his assassinate of the Republican candidate for the past year.  He also told police that he had been taking shooting lessons in preparation.


According to Unilad:

Federal Magistrate Judge George Foley declined to release Sandford.  Over growing concerns that he was a potential danger to the community and ultimately a flight risk.

His defense told the court that Michael was autistic, with Sandford not entering a plea. His mother also told the judge that he had been treated for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and anorexia as a child growing up.

Here is a news clip about the situation:

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