7 Little Baby Animals So Cute, You’ll Probably Die. I Did

If these cute baby animals don’t make you smile, you’re cold blooded

6 little Baby Animals So Cute, You’ll Probably Die. I Did

Who doesn’t love looking at baby animals!  They’re cute, they make a bad day a little bit better.  If, after looking at any of these pictures, your day doesn’t seem to get better or you can’t go awww.  Then there may be something wrong with you!

Teensy-weensy baby swordfish are now on the shortlist for “cutest animal in the world”

Here is a photo of a ridiculously cute baby swordfish, because everyone needs to see this.  Who has every seen a baby swordfish before?


Sometimes animals surprise you with their cuteness, like the swordfish in this photo that was taken by Juan C. Levesque. Levesque is a PhD candidate and recently wrote a very interesting article on the life cycle patterns of swordfish in a Florida Sportsman article. The really interesting part concerns the rapid development of swordfish. According to Levesque, “within one year, this little guy may be 39 inches.” That could mean a potential growth of 4,000% in a year.

But of course the really important thing is how cute the wee baby swordfish is.

While we’re at it, here’s some more ridiculously cute, itsy-bitsy baby animals. Why not check out this baby chameleon?

I must go …my hooman needs me

Who could say no to a mini baby crab?  Look at those tiny little pinchers!


If you’re feeling blue, there are always a very tiny baby snail to cheer you up.


Um, yeah, baby seals are so cute they just make you want to die.  I wish I could take this little guy home!


Baby octopus, you’re absolutely too cute for this world.  Do you see how tiny it is!


Well why don’t you look at that!  Just a baby flying squirrel, covered in a little bit of snow!