Woman Mugshot Steals Internet’s Heart Dubbed ‘Prison Bae’

24-year-old Sarah Seawright of Little Rock is ‘Prison Bae’

Woman Mugshot Steals Internet’s Heart Dubbed ‘Prison Bae’

The internet has done it again!  They have christened an Arkansas woman, Sarah Seawright, ‘Prison Bae’ after her mugshot was found online. This is the very same internet who fell in love with ‘Hot Mugshot Guy’ Jeremy Meeks back in 2014 and later ‘Cute Mugshot Girl,’ who was last seen being cute in a new mugshot.

Arkansas Online reports 24-year-old Sarah Seawright of Little Rock is ‘Prison Bae.’ She was apprehended on April 28 and booked in Pulaski County Jail after failing to appear in court for a 2014 careless driving charge reports Arkansas Online citing jail records.

According to KLRT, Seawright has also previously been accused of several other crimes, such as robbery, kidnapping, and battery, as results of a parking lot theft in 2012.

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If there’s one crime Seawright is definitely guilty of, it’s stealing the many hearts of the internet.  Once the mugshot was found,it went viral as with #PrisonBae hashtag and quickly took off. Sarah has retweeted some of the thirst on Twitter and added, “Favorite Prison Bae” to her Instagram bio as well as booking information.

As previously mentioned, Meeks gained large fame from his mugshot and he has started to put his looks to use once he was released from prison this past March. Meeks’ agent, Jim Jordan, told Buzzfeed in March there was talks of a reality TV series for Meeks as well as movie deals.

The same might be true of Seawright who is out on bond (and enjoying being inducted into the mugshot hall of fame) reports Arkansas Online adding that Seawright wasn’t listed on the jail roster Friday. Arkansas Online says it’s unclear when she was released.

Sarah Seawright seems to be enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame, I hope she uses it wisely!