Guy Splashes His Face With Liquid Nitrogen

You won’t believe what happens when this guy splash liquid nitrogen in his face

Guy Splashes His Face With Liquid Nitrogen

Show of hands, how many people would willing throw liquid nitrogen in your face?  Well this guy will! He threw all caution to the wind and ignored all warning by people claiming to be lab safety technicians.  This guy was willing to show people that nothing happens when you get liquid nitrogen thrown in your face.


Now if you dip your hand in liquid nitrogen, it would hurt.  It would hurt a lot!  But what happens when you splash it all over your face? According to this guy, absolutely nothing will happen to you.  But there is a reason for his madness.  He explains, that throwing liquid nitrogen in your face will not burn you, because of The Leidenfrost effect.

The Leidenfrost effect is when a substance evaporates so quickly, the substance actually it sits on a thin layer of vapor.  So, in this case the substance never comes in contact with the surface of his face. This pretty much means, that if you get splashed by the liquid nitrogen, it will slide right off your face without doing any damage, in theory.

He had to do several takes to get the right splash for the camera:


Looks like it will not sit on your skin for long:


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