After Watching This Video, You’ll Be Fed Up With Your Eating Habits

Documentary about food will have you Fed Up!

Eye opening documentary, Fed Up, shed light on unhealthy “healthy” Eating

Here’s the trailer for the incredibly shocking documentary called FED UP.

Just from watching this trailer alone, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge about the foods we eat. Importantly, like how 80% of all the food out there in grocery stores actually contains added sugar. Just how cocaine affects certain parts of your brain, excess sugar has been shown to have the same affect.  Along with having the addictive nature of cocaine.

The food industries major players definitely do not want want anyone to learn about this.  If people knew how unhealthy their food intake has become they would be shocked!  Some of these so called “healthy” snack, are anything but healthy for you! Fed Up also explains how naive and ill informed people are when it comes to reading the nutrition labels on food.

Many people think the fat in food is what makes you fat, when they could be farther from the truth.  So while you are stuffing your face full of fat free snacks, all the sugar they add in the “healthy” snack is actually one of the reason why you aren’t losing any weight.

Check out the eye opening trailer for Fed Up and see for yourself. The statistics are shocking!  Maybe after watching the Fed Up Trailer, you’ll take a deep look into your own eating habits!