Morning Dump

Welcome to Another Edition of the Morning Dump

The Morning Dump

Welcome to another edition of the Morning Dump!  The best way to start your day is with a good old fashion picture dump!

1.They say two heads are better than one!

Morning Dump 5-01

2. DO NOT trust these girls on Instagram!  You gotta hit her with the #Nofilter

Morning Dump 5-02

3. When a farmer shames his chicken!  He should have choked it…

Morning Dump 5-03

4. When you’re not quite sure what to do with your feet

Morning Dump 5-04

5. I love the way she looks!

Morning Dump 5-05

6. When you tell the cashier your name, but she didn’t hear you clearly…

Morning Dump 5-06

7. When you have to hit your kid with the Nap Time, so you can finally get some work done

Morning Dump 5-07

8. Do ever give up hope in yourself!  People aren’t born great, they become great!

Morning Dump 5-08

9. This is the only type of exercising I do.

Morning Dump 5-09

10. Good morning beautiful!  I hope you slept well!

Morning Dump 5-10

11. I wish I could place my Woody between those!

Morning Dump 5-11

12. Where can I get this Pokemon desk plant!  I need this in my life!

Morning Dump 5-12

13. I wish this guy well on his first day of online college!

Morning Dump 5-13

14. How are people suppose to talk shirt about people in a foreign language now?

Morning Dump 5-14

15. I like the bathroom tiling.  What do you think?

Morning Dump 5-15

16. When you ex is way too clingy!

Morning Dump 5-16

17. What do you think the animal on the helmet is, a beaver or a gopher?

Morning Dump 5-17

18. Damn…I guess this is the life you can expect if you pick one of these career paths

Morning Dump 5-18

19. When you ask God to send you a message, because you think your life is hard

Morning Dump 5-19

20. When she can shake what her mama gave her

Morning Dump 5-20

21. When you have to fix all of the little problems in your girlfriend’s life

Morning Dump 5-21

22. When you hype yourself up, and reality has to bring you back down

Morning Dump 5-22

23. I wish I could be as care free as this cat right now

Morning Dump 5-23

24. Flexing that mind muscle at the gym

Morning Dump 5-24

25. Did anyone else notice that’s not a blanket she’s wearing?

Morning Dump 5-25