Miss BumBum Releases Nudes After Barcelona Wins

Miss BumBum Releases Nudes After Barcelona Wins

For those of you who don’t know, Ms BumBum is an actual real pageant.  Miss Bum Bum contest is a Brazilian annual pageant show which aims to find the best derriere in the country Here is 2015 winner Suzy Cortez:

Ms BumBum 01

She also appears to be a really big soccer fan.

Ms BumBum 02

Suzy Cortez promised fans, if Barcelona, her favorite soccer (futbol) team won the La Liga title she would strip nude and post pictures on all her social media accounts for her followers to see.

I know, what an interesting way to celebrate a win. LUCKY FOR US THEY WON! And Suzy is a woman of her word.

After Barcelona beat Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid for the La Liga title, Suzy posted some seriously NSFW photos to Twitter.

Ms BumBum 03

Ms BumBum 04

She posted this picture along with the caption “Promessa cumprida Barça Campeones” (“Champions Barca, promise fulfilled”), the model shared a (nearly) full-frontal and a photo of her famous behind – both with central defender Piqué’s name cut out of cloth beside her.

Miss BumBum’s new favorite player, defender Piqué’s whose name is cut out of cloth beside her. She got blocked by Lionel Messi a few weeks ago on IG after getting a little aggressive towards him.

And while fans of Miss BumBum definitely appreciate her for keeping her word, I doubt Piqué’s wife Shakira will be as pleased about the photos.

Lionel’s wife, Antonella, also blocked Suzy on Instagram because of her half-naked tributes to her husband.  So there is a good chance the Shakira will follow suit.

Ms BumBum 05

Suzy said of the Instagram block:

I was completely shocked when I spotted it. [Antonella] not to be worried about me, I’m just a fan.

I’m surprised that she isn’t more sure of herself. I guess it can only be because she is jealous.

It’s very silly because I’m just a football fan and a huge fan of Barcelona. This is such an over reaction.