Morning Dump

Welcome to Another Morning Dump

Another Edition of the Morning Dump!

Here’s another dose of the Morning Dump!  There is no better way to start your day then with meme dump while taking a dump!  So here we go!

1.Yoooo!!!  And you trying to figure out why she’s so mad!

Morning Dump 4-1

2.Let’s just taking a selfie while doing something awesome!

Morning Dump 4-2

3. Lol!  The perfect t-shirt for country music loving republican in your life!

Morning Dump 4-3

4. Someone is lying about electric cars on the internet

Morning Dump 4-4

5. And this moment has been immortalized forever, thanks to the internet

Morning Dump 4-5

6. That’s a weird way to take a bath

Morning Dump 4-6

7. Well, I guess this gives her a reason to lose some weight

Morning Dump 4-7

8. Who told her this was a good look?  Out here looking like Squidward

Morning Dump 4-8

9. Equipped  for any situation that may come there way

Morning Dump 4-9

10. All this brown on brown dog violence needs to stop!

Morning Dump 4-10

11. When she says she only likes brown dogs

Morning Dump 4-11

12. This is a good life lesson!

Morning Dump 4-12

13. I guarantee you, this is what Dwayne Johnson will look like when he’s 70

Morning Dump 4-13

14. Who is she and why is she so fine?

Morning Dump 4-14

15. Damn she does!  And she has the attitude to match!

Morning Dump 4-15

16. And this is why the squad doesn’t get any girls!

Morning Dump 4-16

17. When you ask for a foot long hot dog and the vendor has you this

Morning Dump 4-17

18. I’m not going to lie.  Time out changes a man

Morning Dump 4-18

19. Petty!  The police can’t let anyone live

Morning Dump 4-19

20. She can protect and serve me any time of the week!

Morning Dump 4-20

21. It’s good to see your dad is taking the divorce well

Morning Dump 4-21

22. That pull out game is definitely a baby killer!

Morning Dump 4-22

23. The squad better let them know who they talking too!

Morning Dump 4-23

24. The view is amazing but I’m not dumb enough or brave enough to let my feet hang off the edge!

Morning Dump 4-24

25. I’m going to remember this the net time I get stressed out!

Morning Dump 4-25