El Chapo’s Cartel Leaks Nudes of A Police Officer Nidia Garcia

If there is one thing we know about bad guys, is that they don’t play by the rules

Nidia Garcia leaked nudes

El Chapo’s still has a loyal following out there in Mexico.  And now they have gotten an officer, Nidia Garcia, suspended. What we don’t understand is why was she taking nudes in a police car in the first place? I guess she has a lot of down time during work…who really knows.

3 months ago some members of El Chapo’s cartel got revenge on a Brazilian police officer by releasing nude photos of her. Several days ago it happened to Nidia Garcia, a police officer in Mexico.

Mexican newspapers have been reporting the Nidia was a member of the Monterray police – has been placed on leave.


It is not 100% clear on who was at fault for leaking the images, but authorities suspect that it was one of the Mexican Gangs. Notable El Chapo’s cartel.

Monterray Police officer Nidia Garcia has been suspended pending investigation.  It is unlikely she will be allowed to rejoin the force, presumably because of the likelihood that she may have ties to organized crime.


After the story broke, Nidia took to Facebook to make this statement:

I want to ask a huge apology to the secretary of security and Justice of proximity and more to my municipality general Escobedo for this immoral act on my part. I feel disgusted by the great damage caused and the damage done mainly to my two daughters, followed by my husband, my parents, brothers and entire family.’