Morning Dump

The Morning Dump

Welcome to another edition of the Morning Dump!  There is no better way to start your day, than with your daily dose of funny pictures!

1.When they are all out of Ice Tea

03morning dump 1

2. Who thought building a drive way like this was a good idea?

03 morning dump 2

3.When your Disney cosplay skills are on point!

03 morning dump 3

4. That’s one hell of a tattoo he has on his arm

03 morning dump 4

5. When you mess with the bull you’ll get the horns, or horn!

03 morning dump 5

6. Just remember snitches get stitches!

03 morning dump 6

7. When you give no fucks, because you hate your job with a passion!

03 morning dump 7

8. I wonder how many steps there are in this spiral stairway

03 morning dump 8

9. If you don’t get the pop cultural reference in this picture, you are too young!

03 morning dump 9

10. When your spray tan tears won’t go away

03 morning dump 10

11. Challenge accepted!

03 morning dump 11

12. And you wonder why so many people hate clowns!

03 morning dump 12

13. 1,900 old chariot track in Pompeii

03 morning dump 13

14. Yooooo!!!  I remember playing with all of these as a kid!

03 morning dump 14

15. World’s smallest cell phone

03 morning dump 15

16. When the person you are escorting is a big dick!


17. When you try to hop into a group picture, but you’re a slimy creep


18. When the elephant you’re riding, is riding another elephant!


19. When you wife has been listening to Beyonce too much


20. Random fact about Jackie Chan and the Rush Hour series


21. When Juan leaves you with a picture that will last you a life time


22. When you climb to the top of a pyramid and take a picture


23. When spending thousands on college still can not help you know the difference between who’s and whose


24. Why does this seem like an awesome idea?


25. An overload of cuteness with these sleeping cats


26. That sad day once your free trial runs out


27. Always make sure you take some time out of your day to wash your fly whip