Laremy Tunsil NFL Career Already Off To A Rocky Start

I think Laremy Tunsil should invest in a good PR firm

Laremy Tunsil Maybe Having The Worst Day Ever!

It seems like Laremy Tunsil’s NFL career is already off to a rough start!  Just minutes before the NFL draft, Laremy Tunsil’s Twitter account was hacked and a video was uploaded of him smoking out of a gas mask bong.

After this video was release, Laremy Tunsil, who many project to be an early pick in the draft, ended up getting drafted much later than expected, by the Miami Dolphins.  Some people are suspecting that Laremy Tunsil’s step-father might have been the one who hacked his Twitter account and uploaded the video.

laremy tunsil gas mask bong

But to add insult to injury.  Just after getting picked to the Dolphins, text messages between Laremy Tunsil and a coach were leaked on Instagram!  The Instagram posts imply potential payments from coaches and staffers associated with Ole Miss to Tunsil in order to help pay bills. The Instagram posts show  text messages between Tunsil and “coach” regarding whether Tunsil can get help paying for rent and his mother’s electrical bill. Included with the screenshots is this caption: “Coach Freeze and theOle Miss program are snakes.”

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After these text messages were release, Laremy’s instagram was deleted, but the damage was already done.  Laremy also admitted to taking money from Ole Miss in an interview:


If I had any advice for Laremy, it would be to keep your mouth shut and don’t record yourself doing anything that could potential harm your career!  I do wish him the best, but dude, wise up!  Definitely take advice and listen to the old heads in the league!

This tweet is definitely a good start!