Scientists Have Figured Out Why Dogs Stare At You While They Poop


Scientists Have Figured Out Why Dogs Stare At You While They Poop

If you’re a fan of animal science, the number 1 thing you’ve probably always thought, why does my dog stares at me while dropping a deuce. Okay, maybe not the number 1 thing you’ve thought about it, but since we’re on the topic, dog scientists (for the sake of this article, we’ll call them veterinarians) have figured out WHY pets, especially dogs, stare at their owner while taking a dump.


If you think about it, it really does makes sense. Dogs are in their most vulnerable position when they’re pooping. Dogs are highly aware of their surroundings but when you gotta do a number 2, there’s not much you can do when someone or something decides to attack. This is why a dog is staring at their owner, to keep a lookout, just in case they have to cut their business short and run. You see, you as dog’s owner, are your dog’s best friend and they know that. So they’re relying on you to have their back when the shit hits the fan.


So the next time you and your dog lock eyes when they are about to add some fertilizer to the lawn, keep a close eye on their six, (behind them). They’ll appreciate it and maybe won’t chew up those awesome shoes you just bought.

Oh, and don’t forget to pick your dog’s poop up from the grass. You know better than to just leave it there.