Dan Bilzerian Is Getting Roasted After Posting Picture of Awkwardly Skinny Legs

Dan Bilzerian probably has just as many haters as he does fans. What is it about a guy who has a ton of money, surrounds himself with the some of sexiest women on the planet, and parties like a rockstar.  Depending on the month, or the time of day, there is someone some were who either loves or hates the guy.

For the record, I think a good amount of the things he does are douchey, but then I think if the situations were reversed, would I be acting the same way?  No, well, maybe, probably, most likely yes.  I may even end up being worst!

He has posted pictures in the past where people have called him out for skipping leg day. Other pictures where his legs look normal have been called out for being photoshopped.

Today he posted a picture from his Bali vacation where it looks like he has never done a single leg day, ever!


You have to take a closer look at those leggy beauties… Are those for real?  I find it hard to believe he get’s any women with twigs like that!

dan bilzerian zoom

Photoshopped or not, Dan posted this picture to his Facebook page which was met with a warm welcome:

Check out some of the comments below:

topcomment dan bilzerian

toll2 dan bilzerian

oll6 dan bilzerian

troll4 dan bilzerian

troll3 dan bilzerian

roll5-1 dan bilzerian

Most of Dan’s “real fans” are calling this picture a photoshop job to mess with the internet trolls out there. Classic Dan, I love how you embrace the hate and photoshop your own photos before anyone else has the chance too!

I had to do some research for myself.  I just couldn’t believe Dan’s legs are really that small?!

12519402_479272308937656_1449932651_n dan bilzerian

12751060_904807019587584_1528940967_n dan bilzerian

11312284_1061909753822327_1767428111_n dan bilzerian

Photoshop or not, I am 100% positive when Dan responds to this he will have some smart ass dick head comment about being such a baller and banging so many chicks it doesn’t matter if he skipped leg day…


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