The Tweel, An Airless Tire That Never Goes Flat!

They have finally made a tire that doesn’t go flat and it’s named the Tweel!

The Michelin x Tweel Turf Airless Radial Tire

The MICHELIN X TWEEL TURF Airless Radial Tire, sould end for all your tire issues you use to have. It is a progressive new innovation and you can not find a set in any tire shop around your neighborhood.  All rights for these tires have been placed in a deal with John Deere and these tires will be going on the new John Deere ZTrak™, and today we are going to give you all the details on the project.  Also show you exactly how these awesome tires work!

Michelin X Tweel Turf tire is really one single unit  made to supplant the whole tire – wheel – valve gathering which will make your life simpler. After you bolt them on, you don’t need to stress over e pneumatic force upkeep, or any of the other normal `problems` one has with your standard everyday tires. These tires have steady center stature which is there to guarantee that the trimmer deck is delivering an even cut, and on account of the width and poly-tar spokes, there is an extraordinary parallel strength for amazing side slope driving.


Inna Mag