Reactions From Fake Book Cover Prank Are Hilarious!

Reactions to Fake Book Cover Prank

New YouTube channel “The Chortle” has been putting out prank videos and the fake book cover prank is their best one so far! The prank is simple, a man rides a busy subway pretending to read embarrassing books with a not so subtle covers. When noisy passengers read the covers, their reactions are priceless. The book covers range from how to hold a fart in to how to have sexual relations with Donald Trump’s daughter.


I personally do not like to hold my farts in, for fear of spontaneously combusting.  But to each their own.


Definitely not porn, more along the lines of art, graphically sexual art.


After reading this book, you too can eat the booty like groceries.


This book actually isn’t fake.  I own a copy of it myself.  It definitely was a good read.

Dude Comdey