Man Drive By A New House And Is Shocked At What He Sees! Did You See It?!


New House With A Major Design Flaw!

Reddit user liquidthc drove past a model house in South Carolina several days ago when he noticed something alarming. Actually, he was so shocked by what he saw, he took a picture of the new house and uploaded it onto the internet. Since then, the photo has gone viral!

He posted the photo below with the caption “They had one job.” Liquidthc noticed there was something very off about the house. Can you see what’s so wrong with the house?  I felt really dumb when I couldn’t figure it out, but it’s actually really easy.



The issue with this model home is that the driveway is on the side of the house and not in front of the garage. Did you see this?




It’s crazy to see a garage that’s completely inaccessible for a car. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a garage!

While some users might say that this is a major design flaw, one Reddit user did state that because the home was a model home in a new neighborhood “the driveway as shown in this picture acts as parking lot for patrons and sales employees and the garage acts as the sales office. Once the neighborhood is sold out they will sell the model and reconfigure the house to the ‘correct’ way.”

However, another Reddit user, who has been a real estate agent for 13 years, responded:

“I’ve been a real estate appraiser for 13 years and I’ve never seen a model home that was purposely built with the intention of tearing it down or majorly altering it later. Model homes are there to showcase the available finishes and upgrades, and then they’re sold “as is” when the development is close to being sold out. Having such an obvious error (which I would call out as a functional obsolescence in an appraisal and would render any buyers unable to obtain conventional, FHA, VA or USDA financing until it was fixed) would only make buyers hesitate as to the competency of the builder and his subcontractors. This was probably a mistake by the concrete guys, or maybe it was discovered too late that the driveway can’t come out the front and the house will have to be altered.”

What do you think the answer is? Is this intentional or a mistake? Let us know in the comments below.

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