Researchers Might Have Discovered The Secret To Male Birth Control


Male Birth Control

Any men out there ready for male birth control?  Researchers have just discovered an “on-off” switch for sperm movement which could allow for the development of male birth control.

In a study, detailed in Science, researchers at UC Berkeley and Yale University have found a simple switch which can transform sperm from lazy to vigorous swimmers. This find could help  improve fertility in men; and could also help men turn their sperm “off.”

The secret is a hormone called progesterone which flips a switch, “allowing a rush of calcium into a sperm’s tail.” Researchers discovered that if they disabled a “certain class “ of enzymes, the sperm would never switch on. After trial-and-error, researchers finally narrowed it down to a single protein that has to be bound to to the progesterone to activate the sperm:ABHD2.

If researchers are disable this enzyme, they could control when a male is able to impregnate a woman. Though we aren’t there yet, it’s definitely worth it, considering how measly the other options are right now for male birth control: Vasagel has to be injected into the vas defers while Adjudin has to be taken in very high doses in order to be effective.

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