Dad Turns His Kid Into A Leprechaun

Alan of that dad blog decided to have a little fun this St. Patrick’s Day season by turning his youngest of 6 children into a leprechaun.  After his other children spoke about St. Patrick’s Day and showed pictures of leprechauns to the young one, sparking his excitement.  It wasn’t until the youngest of 6 was looking at a book and pointed to a word that stuck out to him, did Alan get the idea.  Now this dad turns his kid into a leprechaun with these hilarious pictures!



Day 1:  The leprechaun get’s his uniform!  What kind of leprechaun who he be if he didn’t look the part!



Day 2: The leprechaun makes his appearance!  That beard is definitely real!



Day 3:  The leprechaun told the family they weren’t green friendly.  I don’t think this is what they had in mind!



Day 4: The leprechaun decided to do a little laundry.  He told the family using green paint was exactly the same as using laundry detergent.



Day 5:  The leprechaun showed his dad how he could upgrade his Jordans to be more fashionable… What do you think?



Day 6:  The leprechaun didn’t feel safe leaving his gold coins around the house, so he decided to bury them.  Dad didn’t have the heart to tell him the gold coins were only chocolate.



Day 7:  Deciding to only eat green foods, the leprechaun was a little confused on how to eat broccoli, being his first time.



Day 8:  After trying green food he decided to paint the house green as well!  I be dad wishes the gold coins were real!



Day 9:  Big bro Nik was making an attempt at the leprechaun gold.  So little bro had to teach him a lesson!



Day 10:  The leprechaun finally realizes the gold coins aren’t really gold coins.  He doesn’t seem too upset about it!


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