12 Facts You Need To Know About Deadpool



As if being a Merc with a Mouth wasn’t enough, Deadpool arguably has the strongest healing factor in all of the Marvel Universe. Given the power thanks to the experiments of the Weapon X program, Deadpool’s healing factor is so incredible that it has allowed him to survive otherwise-fatal injuries dozens of times. Knowing that he is virtually invincible, Deadpool has often sacrificed his body for others safety, sparing others the pain of certain death. Deadpool has been shown to survive some of the harshest, physically damaging events known, and yet he comes out alive. Among other things, Deadpool has survived a nuclear bomb, decapitation, and dismemberment. Even further, he himself donates his own organs on a regular basis because they grow back so quickly.

The largest downside to his healing factor is what else it repairs within his own body. suffering from horrible cancer during his involvement in the Weapon X program, Wade Wilson’s cancer cells were given the same regenerative abilities as his normal cells. This is why Deadpool is always hideous. There have been certain versions that change this up, but almost always, Deadpool looks as though he is knocking on Death’s door.

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