12 Facts You Need To Know About Deadpool



Almost every superhero has the classic love interest that they go out of their way to save, or they have a deceased lover who helps motivate them to keep being a hero. Though the movie version of Deadpool seems to be of this typically heterosexual romantic type (hence, the ironic “Valentine’s Day” billboards), the comic book version of the character isn’t as clear and defined in terms of sexuality. Deadpool has had many partners throughout his history, and not all of them are human women. For a character as unique as Deadpool, it’s no wonder he’d have some extremely unique partners.

Deadpool is a pansexual, which means he doesn’t care what gender you are or even if you lack a gender completely. This is why he’s seen having relationships with shapeshifters, aliens, and perhaps oddest, the physical representation of the abstract concept of Death. As odd as some of his relationships can be, it’s refreshing to see a character with no prejudices towards love interests. For a mercenary, he’s got a very open heart and allows himself to feel for anyone he desires.

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