12 Facts You Need To Know About Deadpool



Almost every superhero with their own comic book has a group of friends and sidekicks that they work with. Deadpool is no different in this regard. Wade Wilson has several close confidants that have become recurring characters in his solo adventures. Unlike many other characters, Deadpool’s sporadic emotions make the relationships with his friends much more strenuous than the usual superhero teamwork that happens in comics.

The closest confidant of Deadpool is Blind Al, an old, blind woman living at Deadpool’s house as a sort of prisoner. While she is being kept hostage, she acts as a mother figure to Deadpool and feels as if she can redeem herself if she can set Wade on the path to redemption himself. Next, we have Weasel. One of Deadpool’s closest friends, he is an arms dealer and information broker who has helped Wade on many adventures. Deadpool has obviously made more friends than that over the years, but Blind Al and Weasel are his closest two confidants.

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