12 Facts You Need To Know About Deadpool


Deadpool, a fan-favorite character among comic book lovers, has a lot of unexpected layers. The complexity of this anti-hero means almost anyone to connect with him on some level, even if he’s a little rough around the edges. Many fans like the character for his sharp mouth and his habit of breaking the fourth wall to talk to the audience, but there is much more to the costumed crimefighter also known as Wade Wilson.

Even though he is a newer character (only dating back to 1991), Deadpool has made his way into the hearts of millions and, with the Ryan Reynolds-starring movie on the way, is shaping up to be a comic book character that will remain in our psyche for decades to come.

So, even if you are already head over heels for this chimichanga-eating mercenary, or you want to learn more about him, read ahead for Screen Rant’s list of 12 Things You Need To Know About Deadpool!



Deadpool’s origins aren’t as clearly defined as some of the more well-known superheroes, partially due to his mental instability, which makes him an unreliable narrator. What we do know is that his life began as a child in a dysfunctional family. In some versions of the story, his father abandoned him and his mother when he was very young. This led his mother down a spiral of alcoholism, but she would rely on humor to get her through her day, which gave Wade Wilson his trademark sharp wit.

In another origin, we see that Deadpool’s father was abusive and his mother died of cancer. We may never know his true early life due to his brain constantly regenerating, but we do know that he traveled around the world honing his skills as a mercenary. Later, he volunteered for the Weapon X program in hopes to cure his cancer, since if it were successful, the experiment would give him Wolverine’s healing powers. The experiment went off the rails, deforming his face and giving him a copious amount of mental problems, but it did leave him with a regenerative healing ability.

Also, during the Weapon X program, the guards would bet on who would survive and who would die during the experiments. All the bets were against Wade Wilson, but he came out on top. Hence the name: Deadpool.

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